Thursday, 27 September 2012

Givenchy Fall-Winter Makeup Collection & Fan di Fendi pour Homme Launch

I was fortunate enough to be invited to the Givenchy Fall-Winter Makeup Collection & Fan di Fendi pour Homme Perfume launch last week at Bloor St. Sephora.

It was an amazing experience with all the important staff working behind the scene jumping out to give us introduction and explanations to the products.

In the past I have only purchased one Fendi product, and often than not, I stop and stare at their amazing packaging.

Amazing makeup artist & beautiful model
Some breakfast prepared
As it was in the morning, the kind LVMH team prepared some lovely breakfast for us hungy bloggers before the event starts.
Makeup artist introducing us the new Givenchy Noir Couture Mascara
The mascara is absolutely AMAZING! This is my first time using a mascara from Givenchy and I cannot believe how well it performs! It volumises without clumping and also lengthen my short Asian lashes.
Check out my lashes!!!!
Fiona telling us more about the Givenchy Dahlia Perfume
I was given the Dahlia Eau de Toilette and I love it! It has a slight peachy scent without the over powering sweetness that a lot of perfume has.
Fan di Fendi pour Homme perfume
Since a friend of mine couldn't make it, Yoshi came along with me. Lucky for him, they were also introducing the new Fan di Fendi perfume for men. It's really refreshing but at the same time it also has the autumn musky scent. If you are thinking to get your men a new perfume the next time, try giving this a go!
Some goodies we got!
Here are the goodies we received from the event. I've tried some of them and very excited to share with you all about it so please stay tune!
Have a great week and it will be FRIDAYYYY tmr :D Yipee!


Sunday, 23 September 2012

YSL Teint Resist Long Wear Foundation Review

YSL Teint Resist Long Wear Foundation

I don't usually go for a high end foundation if it's not required. I understand that some people think that more $$ means better quality, but in my opinion, I give everything a fair chance and it's safe to say that  drugstore brands have outperform the expensive brands over the years.

YSL recently came out with another foundation, the Touche Eclat but I haven't gotten a chance to try it out yet. If you would wish me to compare the 2 foundations please leave a comment down below! :D

Bare face

As usual, I'm showing you the bare face! hahaha. Lately I have not been  much outside so I believe I have lost some of the tan that I gained during the summer. Toronto is also getting very cold now (ugh! hate it!) so I am staying indoors as much as I can.


I applied the fondation with my trusty Sigma F80 Flat top brush. I reallllly need to get a new one! That brush is my fav and always give me a perfect finish!

Close up

I went along to put on the rest of my makeup. I did not set this foundation with any powders or setting sprays.

3 hours later

Excuse me with the bad hair. My fringe is growing at this weird length that it keeps falling on my face so I have to pin it back. I went out around Bloor st and my makeup stayed intact for that 3 hours.

7 hours later (with flash)

We met up with our friends and went to Hapa Izakaya for dinner. My makeup still looks very fresh even though it has been 7 hours. No signs of blush sliding down my cheeks or eyeshadow going under the eyes. 

Check out my lashes!!!! I'm only using the new Givenchy mascara!

  • Light weight
  • Medium coverage
  • Long lasting (May differ slightly if humidity and temperature is HIGH outside)
  • Great colour selection
  • I honestly can't think of any! 
Thank you for reading and see you soon!

Friday, 21 September 2012

Estee Lauder DayWear BB Cream Review

Hi there! Today I'll be sharing a quick review of the new Estee Lauder DayWear BB Cream in colour light. I've worn this several times during the past week in the crazy weather changes in Toronto, so I'll be able to give a quite comprehensive review base on their different climates/ humidity.

This foundation comes in 2 colours, Light and Medium. If you are not particularly light or dark skin tone, you'll be able to fit into one of the 2 colours. 

Bare skin!

This is me, out of the bed in the morning after about 5 hours worth of sleep. My skin has also been slightly rashy lately and gets red very easily.

After BB cream

The BB cream's coverage is light to medium. You are able to build on more products but it probably will not be high coverage by any means. If you put too much, it will become oily and your skin is likely to feel uncomfortable (happened to me).

Complete look

Sorry for the awkward picture but this is the best I could get before running out the door! I did not set the foundation, it was fairly cool and moderate humidity today.

This foundation does not do well with humidity unless you only have one very light layer on. Setting it with powder will do little for extending it's longevity.

5 hours later

Make up is sliding down my face as time goes by. Damn you gravity! haha!

After 6 hours

Here is the close up of my skin after 6 hours of application. There was very little makeup left. I would say that this BB cream can withstand about 3 hours of wear without looking crappy.

After 8 hours

This is me when I finally got home after a LONNNNNG day. I'm glad that it's the weekend tomorrow and I get to have more than 5 hours of sleep!

The makeup is basically gone from my skin and keep in mind that I do not have oily skin and stayed inside the climate controlled office all day long. 


My hair was also getting very messy! 

Clearly what's remaining is my eyes makeup and little BB cream. The product itself though never claimed to be long lasting. It would say that this is best if you have fairly clear skin, that way you don't need to layer it on. The 2 existing colour they have in their line gives a nice natural finish and does not have the grey tint that some other BB creams do.

As usual,

  • Nice natural finish
  • Sun protection of SPF 35
  • Oil free
  • Apparently its high in anti-oxidant
  • Very limited colour selection; Only comes in Light and Medium
  • Light to medium coverage, to get medium coverage could be too much and eventually makes the skin looks oily and feels heavy
In general I quite like this product and will continue to use it. Though I wouldn't say that it is more unique than other products out there in the market as the anti-oxidant claim is hard to judge. You can get this product at Sephora or your local department stores and drugstores. 

Thank you and see you during the weekend for a YSL foundation review!

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Simple Look with Red Lips

Hi all! I'm doing a simple look today featuring a bright red lip, suitable to day and night! :D It should take 5 to 10 minutes to complete this look.


Begin your face with a some sun screen, foundation and nicely filled in eyebrows. Some people prefer to do the eyebrows after the eye makeup, but I usually stay with the same brow shape that's why I like to do this step first.

YSL Teint Resist Long Wear Oil Free Foundation in 5

Begin your eyes with an eyeshadow primer. In this case I would choose one that has shimmer in it.

Essence Stay All Day Long Lasting Eyeshadow in Glammy Goes To...

Like so

Like usual, tight line your eyes with an eyeliner that does not smudge and oil/waterproof. I used to use the MAC Blacktrack Fluidline but lately I've been using the Physicians Formula eyeliner pencil to save time.

Physicians Formula Eye Brightening Eyeliner (I'm running out!)

Close up

Tight lining makes your eyelashes appear fuller and gives the eye a more "awake" look.

UD NAKED Palette in colour Sin

Using a light shimmery colour with a fluffy brush, go across the eyelids in a windshield wiping motion.

UD NAKED Palette in colour Buck

With a matte brown colour eyeshadow and a pointed brush, lightly contour the outer corner of your eyes. You can choose a darker colour if you with to create a more dramatic look.

Progress so far..

Here comes the hard part! Winged eyeliner! Use a pencil liner to sketch a line first if you feel uncomfortable going in with a liquid liner straight away. Remember to always pick a liquid liner that is stiff to ensure more control.

Maybelline Master Percise EYESTUDIO Eyeliner

With eyeliner

Draw the outer part of your eyes first and then the inner part. Make sure the eyeliner is thin in the inner corner. If you have bigger eyes than I do, feel free to go thick on the eyeliner.


YSL Rouge Pur Couture in colour N.1

This colour is surprisingly long lasting!

Benefit blush in Coralista

For a look like this, I recommend to go peach on the cheeks. Or bronzer as cheek colour would work perfectly as well!

Complete look!

Here are some other red colours that I would recommend to go with this look.

Back row: Rimmel Kate no.12; Revlon Colorstay no.375
Front row: Revlon Colorburst no.080; Rimmel Kate no.10

See you soon and have a great weekend!

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Essence Makeup Review and Swatches

Lately I've been out of the house for over 12 hours a day. For such long hours, I absolutely need a perfect base that will NOT crease on my oily eyelids. I don't have oily skin, but my lids are horrendous!!! No makeup will last over 3 hours without a primer.

If it's not your first time here, you know I talked about the importance of primers few months back. I still love my UD Primer Potion and Too Faced Shadow Insurance, but I found a base that cost only a fragment of the price and does the same thing!

The brand Essence is super affordable, just slightly higher than ELF but you are able to purchase it at most of the Shoppers Drugmart in Canada. If you live in Europe, they are available in most drugstores.

Essence Stay All Day Long Lasting Eyeshadow in 02 Glammy Goes To..

This product cost $4 and it acts AMAZINGLY as a base, whether you are intending to apply something matte or shimmery on top of it. This colour in particular seems to be able to not shine true if you want your eyeshadow to stay matte on top of the base. 

Even if my foundation has worn off, my eye makeup still looks as if I has just put it on! I apply and blend out this product with my fingers. Because of the dry texture, I'd imagine it will be hard to deposit colours using a brush.

Essence Stay All Day Long Lasting Eyeshadow in 01 Coppy Right

As I was so impressed with the other colour, I decided to purchase another one! Unfortunately this line only comes with 3 colours. There is a silver one but I don't have it.. yet. 

Along with this, I also purchased their Long Lasting Eye Pencil.

Essence Long Lasting Eye Pencil in 01 Black Fever

I love the Physicians Formula Eye Brightening Eye Pencil, but it comes in the trio and I cannot purchase only the black pencil individually. (I use it all the time but it's running out!)

This product claims to be long lasting, which I am taking its words since the eye base performs so well. I tried it on my hand and after it sets, it does not budge even if I try rubbing it. 

I'm going to give this a further trial on my tight line and I hope it works! This was approximately $3.


The next time if you see the brand around your neighbourhood you should try to get some stuff to try. They have amazing nail polishes too! I believe they are about $2 and they come in all sorts of amazing colours.

Friday, 7 September 2012

Toronto Fashion Night Out & YSL Rouge Review

Hi all! Thanks for having so much patience and keep checking back for posts. I've been a bit busy but I will make sure that I update regularly!

Since I live downtown Toronto, my husband and I managed to catch a bit of the Toronto Fashion Night Out at Holt Renfrew. I got some freebies from the YSL counter inside! Yay for freebies! H&M was serving some yummy drinks so that was awesome too!

Samples from YSL

So that's the small sample bag that I received from the YSL counter in Holt. I'm pretty excited to try out the mascara. 

Bloot st west

There were people queuing up for free drinks, confettis everywhere, and SUPER loud music (not fond of that!). 

Free limited edition Diet Coke for Holt 175

It was pretty good although it's a really small event compared to what I saw online of the NYC FNO!


I tried out one of the lip stick this morning for work. 

YSL Rouge Pur Couture No.10

It applied smoothly with the brush that was included in this sample. I liked it when I looked at myself in the mirror, however it really washes my complexion out in photos!

With flash

Without flash

What do you think? I kind of like it.. but this thing has no lasting power! You would have to reapply so often if you want the colour to show up on your lips! I'm going to give the darker colours a try this weekend and get back to you on that. :)

I hope everyone is doing well and have a great weekend ahead!

Monday, 3 September 2012

Kim Hyuna Bubble Pop Inspired Tutorial

Today I'll be sharing an interesting look from Kim Hyuna, featured in her Bubble Pop album. She typically rocks the winged eyeliner and dark lash line, this is not a look that I usually go for but I figured that it will be fun for a night out!

Inspiration picture

Of course I look nothing like her and our features are quite different. With some makeup, I tried to create this makeup look on myself rather than trying to transform into Kim Hyuna.

Complete Look!

HAHA and I even tried to imitate her posture but clearly I need more practise!!! :P


Apply foundation and thicken your brows. Thicker brows are essential for a Korean inspired look! You can go as thick as you want, I'm just going to make mine fuller looking.

After Foundation + Brows

Next up, tight line! It may seem scary but the more you practise the better you become.

Essential makeup for this look..

Physicians Formula Eye Brightening Eyeliner; Maybelline Master Studio Eyeliner

Winged liner

Follow the natural curve of the eyes and wing out the line. This is what it will look like from the bottom

Accidental shot.. 

Line the water line and the outer part of the lash line with a pencil liner.

With the sparkly black shadow, use the tip of the flat eyeshadow brush and set the black liner on the lower lash line.

Again using the sparkly grey colour, apply some on the outer corner underneath the lower lash line. This will create a wide eye effect.

Progress so far...

Now onto the colours!

Apply a golden colour eyeshadow on the the 2/3 outer part of the eyelid.

With a blending brush (for lighter application), apply a pink colour to the inner corner.

Like so..

The look so far!

Because my face isn't as slim as Kim Hyuna's, contour is the key! 

NYC Sunny Bronzer

To complete this look, apply a pinky red lipstick on the centre of the lips and blend out with fingers. If you look closely at the picture, her lipstick does not end sharply at the edges.

Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in 035 Candy Apple


You can check out the MV here:

Thank you for reading and please leave any celebrity inspired look suggestions in the comment box! See you!