Thursday, 16 August 2012

Etude House Nail Polish Review

Hi all! I'd like to share a favourite cosmetic brand of mine from Korea - Etude House. Their prices are very affordable and they have a large range of products from skin care to cosmetics, making you beautiful inside out! Unfortunately they are not so easy to purchase if you are not in Asia.

The packaging of the products are usually super cute and with each purchase you'll always receive a lot of samples!

I've been a long time customer of Etude House and today I'll be showing you some of their nail polishes. They are very affordable, approximately 3-5 dollars each depending on the location you go to.  Often times they are cheaper in Asia!

Yay for colours!

The quality of the nail polishes are phenomenal! They are opaque with just 1 or 2 coats and does not chip easily. Because of my laziness, I tend to wear them with no base or top coat and they last me for 5 days with no problem at all!

They have a decent colour selection and finishes. Here are the ones that I own and love!

FLTR: PP903; BR301; PP904; PK011; GR605

The lighter colours are more opaque than you expect them to be for such a good price. I have many nail polishes of different price categories but I always stock up on Etude House's when I am back in Asia!

FLTR: OR206; BL502; BL501; BL505; GR609

My favourite colour of all the ones that I own are the 2 blues above, BL 501 and 505. They look so unique and very flattering on Asian skin tone! Unfortunately the BL501 stains the nail a bit so I would recommend you to put on a base coat to prevent that from happening. Other than that particular one, I did not experience any stains with their polishes.

If you have any favourites please share with me in the comment box or Tweet me at AivysBeautyBlog! I would love to hear from you!

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  1. Hello Aivy! =) I'm liking PK011 very much as I'm guessing it would make a pretty French Manicure shade due to its creamy texture! I hope you have been well! ;) xxx

    1. Hello Suk Yein!! How are you? PK011 is great for french manicure! You should try it out if you have the chance :D

    2. Hello! I'm good thank you! Yes I will definitely hit Etude House when I'm home! =D