Sunday, 26 August 2012

At a beautiful wedding! (LOTD)

Hi all! We attended Yoshi's cousin's wedding on Saturday at a beautiful apple orchard home. Everything went perfect and the decorations were absolutely amazing! I'll be sharing my LOTD and OOTD along with some pictures of the wedding scenes.

Seating area

Apples of Glasgow

It was a wonderful day and lucky for everyone, the weather was perfect!

Beautiful table setup!!!

Overlooking the very large "backyard"

Yoshi and I decided to be silly and took some shots of us running through the apple fields..

Yoshi & I

Finally, my LOTD and OOTD!

I had a coral + green look :D I figured it would be nice with some colours!

Hi again!

I got the dress  from F21 last month! Luckily no one had the same dress >.<

See you!!


  1. What a gorgeous wedding venue! Your dress and look of the day's really elegant and wearable too =) Glad you had a great time! =D xxx

    1. Yea! It's actually at his uncle's home! They have a beautiful large property!
      Thanks for the compliment :) it was a very cheap dress from F21 so luckily nobody had the same one hahaha!