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Benefit How to Look The Best at Everything Review - Light

If you have checked out my recent Sephora Haul, you have already seen me featuring the new Benefit How to look the best at everything kit in colour Light. Although I have some other Benefit products, but this is my first time using all the products in the kit. It is a great deal if you just want to try them out!

How to look the best at everything!!

And I'm sure you want to be the best - ALWAYS! 


As usual, this is my bare face! From now on I'll be filming and blogging from the bedroom because my lovely husband kindly bought and set up the new workspace for me :)

The inside

This kit cost $30 and in it you'll get a Porefessional (7.5ml), Hello Flawless Oxygen Foundation in colour Cheers to Me Champagne (7ml), 2 Boi-ing concealers in colour 01 and 02 (2x1.5g), Hello Flawless Powder in colour Me, Vain? Champagne (4g), and a small brush. 

Benefit POREfessional

I was surprised that the Porefessional is tinted, however the colour does not show through upon application. It's meant for covering up areas of the face with large pores. I applied this with a light hand, dabbing motion on my inner cheek area where I have some larger pores. I have to say that I see no difference in the pore size or the finish of my skin after the product. 

This base has a slight scent, nothing too crazy. It leaves the skin feeling smooth.

Hello Flawless Oxygen Foundation in "Cheers to Me" Champagne

I used this product with my F80 Sigma Flat Top brush to buff it out. This entire kit is slightly too fair for my skin, though the Medium one might be too dark.. which I won't be able to use during the long cold months here in Canada. Hahahahaha...

The foundation has light to medium coverage. Suitable for daily wear in low humidity.

After POREfessional and Hello Flawless Foundation

As you can see, my skin still looks fairly red and you can see some redness and freckles on my cheek area.

Next up I'll be covering up some dark circles and redness around the face.

Boi-ing Concealers in colour 01, 02

I have been wanting to try Benefit's concealers for ages cause I have heard SO MANY good things about that. Both the Boi-ing and Erase Paste has fairly good reviews. I used only colour 02 on my face.

The concealers are more dry in texture and definitely covers well. However to use it under the eyes, you will have to moisturize your skin very well before the concealer. I didn't, and I noticed a lot of fine lines!!!! (I'm not even 24 yet!!! T.T)  

I finish my skin with an overall application of the powder. The powder is lovely and it's the best thing in the kit after the concealers!

Close up!

Overall I think that this is a good value and you are able to pick it up at Sephora for only $30. Keep in mind that the sets seem to have darker shades than they labeled it as, and there are only 3 different kits to choose from. 


If you are interested in what I bought during my trip to Sephora, check out the video!!

Thank you and please leave a comment if you would like me to try out any products for future reviews!

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