Friday, 10 August 2012

Foundation - Brush Application Review and Comparison

Hi everyone! I hope that everyone is having a great weekend! We are going to watch the Perseids meteor shower so hopefully there will be clear sky for great visibility. Superstitious or not, I have some wishes to make and I hope that I will be able to land a job soon!

Today I'll be sharing a foundation application comparison with 4 different brushes that all the beauties out there commonly use. Note it may differ from brushes to brushes depending on the quality! I'm using the ones that I have in my collection.


To begin with, like usual I'll be showing you my bare face. I received my Kiehl's Dark Spot Corrector yesterday and started using it. I hope that it will fade out some of my scars and freckles! 

Revlon Photo Ready Foundation in 005 Natural Beige

As mentioned in my last post, I figured that I had to switch up a shade to match my skin colour. I'm continuously getting tanner but it will all fade away as the cold weather comes. Toronto seems to be getting gloomier as we are speaking! I hope that it will be all sunny and warm for my cousin-in-law's wedding end of this month!!!!!

One pump!

This is how much I'll be using for each application, half a face. Usually I use this amount for a full face application.

1. Conventional Paddle Brush

On this side of my face, I used the conventional paddle brush. My experience with brushes like this are usually not as good in comparison to the rest. It takes more time to apply and blend, and also the brush tends to absorb a lot of the product.

One pump of foundation was used in this half face application.


Foundation on the left side of my face (your right)

As you can see, it does cover up some red spots but most of it are still visible. My skin looks as if it only has a very thin layer of foundation. Most of it went to the brush!

This is one of the popular  affordable brushes for foundation application. This is my first time using it with a liquid foundation. My usual routine on a lazy day, I will use this to apply my powder foundation all over as it gives the best coverage!


This brush also took up all the products for a half face application. Due to the black bristles, I can't tell whether how much of the foundation retain on the brush.

DIRECT COMPARISON - Hair ribbon side (Paddle brush); The other side (ELF brush)

The finish and coverage seems to be very similar. Although the flat top brush took a lot less time and effort for application and blending. They are both slightly scratchy to blend. A better quality brush might be different!

I've been using this brush for foundation application religiously since I purchased it.. early last year? I like this because it's super soft and provides a quick and even application. Let's begin with my freshly washed face!



AFTER with flash

Quick application and smooth finish. I did not need to use all the foundation for a half face medium to full coverage application.

Remaining foundation

To compare this to the paddle brush and ELF flat top brush, this is not scratchy at all and gives a better coverage with less product. If you are working with a foundation that is more tacky/ thicker consistency, I recommend you to use a brush like this for an easier application.

I particularly like stippling brush for bronzer and blush application if the product is exceptionally pigmented. The brush will pick up just the right about of product so you won't end up having stark lines on your face.. haha!


AFTER with flash

If you have oily skin but fairly clear skin, this is the brush to go. It uses a only small amount of your foundation and gives a medium coverage!

As you can see I barely used anything for that one pump for such great coverage. I don't like it so much to blend because of the sparse bristles, and it could be slightly scratchy compare to a dense brush. I applied the foundation in a stippling motion so it takes a bit more time to work with compared to a flat brush. If you are always in a hurry this could be a problem for you.. unless you have a tiny face!

DIRECT COMPARISON - Ribbon side (Sigma F80 Kabuki); Normal hair side (Sigma F50 Dup Fibre)

The Flat top kabuki provides more coverage, though I did use more of the foundation. I have dry skin and using a dense brush with blending motion will provide a smoother finish with less dry patches. Again, if you are someone with oily skin and enjoys light application, go with the duo fibre brush and stipple away!!

Thank you for all the support and I will be working on YouTube videos soon! Please check them out!

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