Friday, 3 August 2012

Wedding Makeup Series - Purple Haze

Hi beauties! I'll be doing a wedding makeup series consisting 3 different looks starting today. This is a special request from my friend Christyn, for her friend, who will be getting marry at the end of this year. Congratulations!! 

I'll be sharing some of my tips and tricks to make your makeup last for the entire day in 99% humidity. This was personally trial and tested in Malaysia.

My look today is roughly based on my own wedding celebration back in Malaysia. 

 A bride still has to eat right?? 

Let's begin!


Because a bride will be taking a lot of pictures, and chances of camera flashing your face it high, I recommend to not use a sun screen or choose a foundation with low sun protection. This will prevent your face from looking much whiter than the rest of your skin.

MAC Prep + Prime

There are many face primers in the market, I am not recommending this in particular. You can use whatever product that you have.

Sigma F80; Revlon Photo Ready Foundation in 004 Nude

I like this foundation and think that it looks great in pictures. It has a low SPF 20 so it will not reflect like as much. REMEMBER, pick a colour that matches your neck. DO NOT try to look fair by picking one that is way too light for you!! You want to look natural and beautiful on your big day!

Doll Face Concealer in 01 (available in SASA)

After foundation application, apply your concealer to spots that needs more coverage. If you like, you can apply it to areas that you wish to highlight.

Concealer application

Blend it out with the same flat top brush. You will see a drastic difference. Try not to put on too much foundation in the initial step, your concealer should to the job for you.

After blending out the concealer..

Here comes the brows. If you don't know how to do it properly, practise! Otherwise use a pencil or eyeshadow that is a shade lighter than your eyebrows. Try to make it as natural as possible, it's not a time to go adventurous with them as you will keep these pictures forever...

Spoolie; Water Strong W Eyebrow Pencil

I highly recommend this eyebrow pencil if you are able to purchase it. Blend out the pencil with spoolie.

Too Faced Shadow Insurance

Prior to any eye makeup, apply a VERY SMALL amount of this onto your lids and some on your lower lash line. This is a must if you do not want your makeup to crease. Urban Decay Primer Potion is another good substitute. (Sephora)

MAC Blacktrack Fluidline; Angled eyeliner brush

Tight line your eyes to make your lashes look fuller. Unless you are already gifted with beautiful lashes you can skip this step. If you are uncomfortable with using a gel liner, use a VERY water resistant pencil liner.

Tight lined

Now to the eyeshadows!

Fizz (Smashbox Photo Op Palette)

Use a flat shader brush with a light beige colour with a sheen and apply if on to the 1/2 of your upper lid and 1/2 of your lower lash line.

As such..


Flip the brush and apply colour Amethyst. This is an eyeshadow that has a purple base, but as you blend out, it creates a slight brown tone.

With Amethyst

Remember to always open your eyes and look straight to check where the eyeshadow ends. For special occasions, I like to bring it up slightly higher than usual to create an illusion of bigger eyes.

Check where your eyeshadow ends!

Rose; Tapered Blending Brush

With a lighter purple colour, place it on the middle of the eye lid and slightly blend it across the top (where the eyeshadow ends).


Flip the brush to another side, use a brown that is 2 shades lighter than you, blend it at the top outer corner to give the look some warmth.


Vanilla; Blending Brush

Use a matte highlight colour and clean the area underneath the eyebrows for a polished look.

Line your eyes with the same gel liner and angled eyeliner brush. Remember to keep as close to your lash line as possible.

Use the tip of the flat shader brush, take a brown shade and shade the outer corner of the lower lash line.

Progress so far...

You can choose to use false lashes, but since I'm not actually going anywhere fancy, I applied mascara only.

ELF Blush in Passion Pink

Apply a blush that has a slight sheen, this will act as a cheek highlight as well as blusher. I do not recommend to highlight your face because it will already be shiny easily with the humidity.

NYC Sunny Bronzer, ELF Complexion Brush; Sigma F35

Remember to contour LIGHTLY!!! I use the complexion brush for the sides of my face and the tapered brush for the sides of my nose.

Right side contoured; Left only blush

You want to look slimmer in your pictures I suppose? I want to anyways! =P

Almost there..

Use your favourite nude lipstick, preferably one that does not make you look too pale.

Complete look!!!!

Here comes my secret...

Urban Decay All Nighter Long Lasting Makeup Spray

Get this at Sephora! I only have the trial size but this is all I need. I don't really go to events that last for an entire day so I use this on special occasions! THIS IS AMAZINGGGGG!! 

Spray it generously (without making your face wet) across your face. Make sure only to gently dap your face with tissue paper with you are getting rid of the sweat. Try not to wipe. 

If you wish you can bring a powder and brush to touch up your face during the day. Beware, it can look cakey after too many layers.

To end this post, a photo of my husband and I in the bridal car!

Have a great weekend everyone!!!!!


  1. for wedding make up .Thanks for sharing.
    keep posting

    1. Hi Alex! Thank you :) If you would like to see more wedding inspired looks please let me know! :)