Thursday, 28 June 2012

Essie's Nail Polish Review

Hello there! I wanted to do a make up tutorial today but things didn't turn out so well. I went to the optometrist today and she had some eye drops to dilate my pupils. As a result, I couldn't see properly for several hours. Although it's a bit better now, but I have to say typing this isn't as easy as you think! I'll share some pics of my dilated pupils at the end of this post.

Today I'm here to share some Essie nail polishes that I own and a swatch of them. These are the only ones I've tried from them and I'm very impressed so far. I have heard that some of their polishes are a miss, so if you're thinking to pick up some, maybe you can consider the ones that will be mentioned below. :)

Small collection of Essie nail polishes

I have to admit that I've tossed out A LOT of nail polishes last year when I packed to move over here. Some are old and some are just not worth to ship half way across the world. Yoshi bans me from buying new ones unless I clear the old ones in return. Nonetheless, I still have quite a bit of them (hidden haha) and he doesn't need to know about it!

FLTR: Lights; Camera; Action

FLTR: Jumpin Junkanoo; Plumberry; Alligator Purse

FLTR: Nutmeg; Trophy Wife

My favourites from all these are:

Camera - The best neon peachy pink out there
Alligator Purse - The only colour that I can find that looks like ketchup!
Nutmeg - Perfect nude nails for all occasions

Below are the swatches with flash and without flash.

Top FLTR: Lights; Camera; Action
Bottom FLTR: Nutmeg; Jumpin Junkanoo; Plumberry; Alligator Purse; Trophy Wife

Same as above

For the summer I'm absolutely diggin' Lights, Camera, and Action as they are so neon! If you want them to appear more vibrant than they already are, try applying a white polish underneath and then this on top. 

Anyways, to end today's blog post, here are some pictures of my dilated pupils.

looking tired from squinting too much

Dilated pupils + smudge eyeliner (Physicians Formula gel liner)

Thank you and see you tomorrow for "what's in my travel makeup bag"!

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