Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Make Up Remover + Skin Care featuring Sibu Beauty

Hello there! It's so hot in Toronto today it made me want to glue myself in front of the fan permanently!!

One question that I get often is whether what make up remover do I use. Most people find that eye make up is particularly hard to remove with all the mascara and eye liner.. That's true. Since I started wearing make up over 10 years ago, I've tried almost all types of make up remover existing. I've fell in love with some products and found others better throughout the years, but recently, I came across a brand name Sibu Beauty and it has for now taken over all my skin problems!

I've used this line for about 5 months now and I have to say that it's really working well for me. I started out by watching Michele1218 on YouTube and she recommended it. Immediately went online and purchased it and has repurchased once so far (I got a 40% off coupon, no longer available).

All the products are made with sea buckthorn, which means they are all high in Vitamin C and antioxidant. Great to prevent aging skin!

I have to apologise to my readers outside of US and Canada, because they company does not currently ship worldwide. Maybe if there are enough requests they might start?


I swear by this facial cleanser! It removes EVERYTHING! It has some non visible small particles that gently exfoliates your skin while being cleansed. All the products have a mild citrus scents and this make your skin feels absolutely clean without being dry :)

Moving on to skin care.. I have a weird problem with my skin that it will rash at random and the rashes will not go away unless I apply Dermovate. I know that Dermovate is used for Eczema but there's really nothing else out there that can really get rid of the random rashes. 

However using the Sibu line has significantly reduce the rash that my skin produces.

I'll start off with the Sibu Clarifying Toner as I don't have a picture to show the consistency. It is like a normal toner but comes with a spray bottle. The spray is not so great so the projection is rather lousy. I spray it onto a cotton pad and wipe my face lightly with it. It removes the remaining make up that might not be removed properly during shower.

Sibu Replenishing Night Cream Consistency

The night cream is rather thick compared to the rest of the moisturiser. I use it only when my skin feels VERY dry, especially in winter nights. I am currently giving this product a rest since it's pretty hot and humid in Toronto right now.

Sibu Hydrating Serum Consistency

I love this serum and I've been using it by itself as a moisturiser or sometimes a make up base. It leaves your skin feeling sooo smooth after it dries.

Sibu Daytime Facial Cream Consistency

This cream is also rather heavy. I only use it when I'm not going out (hot weather) as I tend to feel the need to wash it off when my face feels like something heavy it's on.

I hope this helps some people out there who are still in search for great skin care products and make up remover.

See you tomorrow with the new Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream review! 

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