Thursday, 21 June 2012

Lazy day make up (suitable for work/going out)

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Hello there! Today I'll be demonstrating a look that I often wear out during my lazy days. It's suitable for work, hanging out, and humid days. This is also a very cost friendly look!

First remember to put on your sun screen! My apologies that I look sleepy here. I think I didn't open my eyes properly when the camera flashed at me!

Completed Look


Begin with setting your face with some face powder. If you have anything you wish to conceal, do so before the powder.

Ecotools Angle Brush (available at drug store); Elf Powder Brush

ZA 2 Way Brightening Powder

Use the ELF powder brush to apply your favourite powder and blend evenly. 

Prestige Blackest Black Mascara, Physicians Formula Eye Bright Pencil in Black

Tight lining

Then tight line your eyes using the Physicians Formula pencil liner. This eyeliner is smudge proof and I am using it a lot at the moment!! 

Left eye: tight lined; Right eye: Bare

Tight lining makes your lashes look thicker and your eyes more awake. This technique is not for all as some people get very irritated on the eyes. Although it does come with practice and finding out which product suits you more. I particularly like doing this on myself, people with sparse eye lashes, or blonde lashes.

Close up

Use the eyeliner to go across only half of your lash line for a more natural look.

Use Ecotools Angle Brush with the darkest colour on the palette and smudge it all across your lash line to blend out the eyeliner. I usually use a brown colour for this look so that it'll create a more natural effect.

Like so!

Apply the lightest colour on the inner corner and all over the lid to bring some light onto the eyes. Apply your favourite blush with the same ELF brush and blend, finish off with a lip colour of your choice!

Close up of the completed look!!

Tomorrow Yoshi and I will be heading to Canada's Wonderland so I may do a theme park themed topic!

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