Saturday, 16 June 2012

Hair Exfoliator Experiment + VS Lippies

It was a great day for the husband and I as we managed to take a long walk around Toronto in such beautiful weather! Lucky for us, we also got a glimpse of the MMVA rehearsal at Queen St W!

We dropped by Dollarama just for a short stroll and noticed this Hair Exfoliator product for $2. I've seen things like that back in Asia and thought it might worth giving it a try! I have very very sparse body hair though. You'll be seeing some pics below as I demonstrate....

Smooth Skin Hair Exfoliator

Proof of sparse hair

Close up shot of my sparse hair

Let's begin! On first look the product feels like a very fine sand paper and I already felt suspicious at that point.

Peel off the back of the pad for stick side

Paste it onto the handle

After rubbing for a few minutes

Don't bother with this product! It did nothing for hair removal, and given my VERY sparse hair, this product still didn't work! Imagine if there are more...

Also because it is literally sand paper, it does a good job in exfoliating the skin. However it left my skin feeling rather irritated from too much rubbing. 

$2 down the draiiiiinnnnnnnnnn..

Any ways, life goes on! There are loads of great sales going on in town so I managed to grab some lip products from Victoria Secrets to try! 

Dazzle Shine Lip Gloss in Dazzling Citrus; Beauty Rush Glossy Lip Tint

They were only $3.50 each! 

Certainly drop by town if you have some time before all the goodies are gone :)

See you tomorrow!

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