Friday, 8 June 2012

Sigma haul and review (Paris palette and brushes comparison)

Since the launched of Sigma Makeup several years ago, there has been noticeable changes in the beauty industry. High quality brushes are no longer restricted to make up professionals, make up addicts out there are now able to access them and create beautiful looks!

Today I went to the post office and picked up my Paris Palette and 2 E25 brushes that I've ordered last Thursday.

Open Box!!!! Super excited ^.^

Comes with a lot of information about Sigma's products

Close up of the Paris Palette! Swatches below.

Upon open box I noticed that the black shadow was slightly cracked and very little bit has gone onto one of the blushes. The palette has a very distinctive paint smell which I hope that it'll go away soon. Brushes are stained with some stench too however overall presentation is still acceptable.

One thing to note! The Angled brush does seem like it's lower quality than the one in the Premium Travel Kit.
Premium Travel Kit (bought it over 2 years ago)

Here are some pictures to compare the brushes:
Both the brushes in the palette and the travel kit are protected by the plastic covers. Paris Angled Brush is noticeably more frayed out and the bristles are soft but less dense than the Travel Angled Brush. 

The two E25 brushes are similar to the old ones however the quality of the handle also seems flimsy and unlike before.

In my box I also received a tiny sample of one of their shadows (dupe of Mac Paradisco)


All swatches are done without base and with the use of brushes.

  • Pigmentation is reasonable but not amazing
  • Unusual paint stench
  • Slightly powdery but can be solved by tapping away before application
  • Good value for money ($10 off code "Xteeener")
  • Great colour selection for travel

Sigma ships worldwide so check out their website if you are interested in the goodies that I purchased!

See you in my next post! ^.^

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