Sunday, 8 July 2012

Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Color Review

I was lucky enough to pick up a magnetic nail polish that has been popular since the launch of it several months ago. Of course I did not cave in to buy one from Sephora cause it is wayyyyy too out of my budget for a nail polish. I'm happy that Sally Hansen now has a more affordable version at about $8 from Walmart.

Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Color in 903 Silver Elements

The current selection only has 8 colours, and majority of them are rather dark. I'm not a person who wears dark colour too often because my nails are tiny and it makes them look even more tiny!

The nail polish dries really quickly so you will have to put the magnet over the polish once you painted it. 2nd or 3rd coat is required. 

My husband mentioned that you could just buy Iron Oxide to add into your nail polish. If you have done that please leave a comment and let me know how it went! I'm very curious! ^.^

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