Monday, 30 July 2012

Lee Hyori U Go Girl Inspired Tutorial

This is my first attempt in a celebrity inspired look! I understand that I am in no way alike her other that being Asian (haha!). Picture and music video at the end of the post.

Lee Hyori U-Go-Girl Inspired Complete Look


I curled my hair and had it up for this particularly tutorial. Since I no longer have long hair, I could not imitate the hair style properly.

Hair up and curled

First and foremost, prime your face with a moisturiser/ sunscreen/ primer and apply foundation.

Revlon Photo Ready Foundation in 004 Nude; Sigma F80

The MAIN thing that has to be changed for a Korean female artist look, is to have a thicker eyebrows. Try to search on Google and you'll see that it's a trend right now. Thicker brow makes you look younger too!

RIGHT brow thicken

Both brows equal now!

MAC Blacktrack Fluidline; Eyeliner brush (from craft store)

Tight line your eyes with the gel eyeliner. We will be using the same one later to line our lash line.

Sparkly purple eyeshadow

With a sparkly purple eyeshadow colour, apply it to the outer corner of your eyes and blend it inwards. Make sure the colour concentrates on the outer part of your eyes.

Use a bright beige colour and blend it out + highlight brow bone.

As such

With the same MAC fluidline, line the upper lash line. Wing it out slightly. 

With the remaining product left on the eyeliner brush, line the lower water line. Remember do not make it look too harsh.

Lightly go across the water line

Light brown eyeshadow

With a smudge brush, dip into a light brown eyeshadow and line the lower lash line.

Light brown eyeshadow on lower lash line

Apply a natural looking pair of false lashes as you wish.

Almost there..

Use a matte bronzer to contour your face and the sides of the nose. LIGHTLY go across the cheeks with a blush. Korean makeup emphasize on the natural flush so blush are usually not noticeable.

MAC Mineralized Blush in Daft Pink; NYC Sunny Bronzer; ELF Complexion Brush

Apply a bubblegum pink lipstick!

Targe LipSurgence in Smitten


Close up

This tutorial is inspired by:

Lee Hyori U-Go-Girl Music Video

Please kindly leave any request for celebrity looks in the comments! Thanks a lot!!!! ^.^


  1. that is a very good redo of her make up. well done

    1. Thank you :) Please leave a comment if you have any other celebrity requests!